Do you have reels and reels of Super 8, Regular 8 film or 8mm tapes? Have you been wondering how to get those memories off that film?

Look no further than WR Scanning & Digitizing.

Once we receive the reel, it will be inspected and cleaned with a special film cleaning solution. Not only will this clean off most dirt, mold, and hair, but it will also lubricate the film.

We scan your film frame by frame, using an industry standard method. From there we can burn a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc of your choice, or send you the digital files via thumb drive.

8mm and Hi8mm Tapes

8mm tapes are digitized via Sony tape deck, which captures them straight into Non-linear editing software. We can burn you a DVD, Blu-Ray Disc or send you the digital files via thumb drive.

Super 8 Film Scanning & 8mm Tape Digitizing

Tobias "Toby" Riesterer

Lover of all things video production