Tobias "Toby" Riesterer

Lover of all things video production

    I learned all aspects of video production at a very early age. I began making short movies with my friends back in middle school. Nothing  fancy, whatever made us laugh. At times the movies we made were cheesy but we enjoyed making them. In high school I continued making movies with my friends, but this time I learned how to edit our movies. 

​ After my high school shenanigans ceased, the college shenanigans ensued. This time we had discovered youtube, which brought our dumb movies to the masses. I did in fact learn a thing or two in college, majoring Communication Arts and even graduating in 3 years with a BA.

 Shorty after college, I started working part-time as a camera-man for Sun-Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, and the Florida Marlins. I shot everything from football games, baseball games, concerts, soccer games, and charity events. 3 years later, I moved to Montana and began working as a video production coordinator for a small cable company. I directed live productions, and produced original content for the local channel. Now I'm back in Florida and working as a Media Content Producer for a library consortium. Bottom line...I love video production!

About Me